Direct Congress | Governance By The People

Cory Suter, a member of Transition Philadelphia and founder of BioNeighbors, has dreamt up a new project: Direct Congress.

Direct Congress is the next evolution of human achievement in good governance, where We the People can direct our Congress by creating the best laws possible, and supporting candidates who contractually agree to only vote the way the majority of citizens vote online.

Direct Congress is a model built on both American principles and the Guiding Principles of the Transition movement.  As Chief Steward of Direct Congress, Cory suggests we visit to  share our thoughts on how to improve this concept. I particularly like the financial transparency they share on the Records page.  Please note that Cory is also asking for some funds to get this web-based project fully functional; making it all that the American people need it to be.  History-making is indeed in our hands!

They have plans to provide free local versions of the Direct Town Council, a micro version of Direct Congress to communities who want to make local government more democratic and accountable to the people.


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