Peak Oil at the Dinner Table

Last night over dinner with the clan, the conversation turned to the price of gasoline, with recent news projecting that it’ll reach $4 by April and $5 by the end of May.   While the bike shop owners amongst us rejoiced, one of the adults made a reference to peak oil by mentioning that this was inevitable, since we’re bound to run out of oil.

The youngest child brought up his long-term concern: If we’re going to run out of oil, how will we get to his birthday party in May, at a venue in Horsham?  If only we could all think along the timeline of an almost 6-year-old…


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One Response to Peak Oil at the Dinner Table

  1. baseerah says:

    If you can get a hold of the video “Thrive,” it has some very interesting discussions about some alternative energy inventions (making use of gravity/magnetic energy?) which have been sqashed by the powers that be. If anyone knows anything about them, I’d like to know more. A GREAT must-see VIDEO!

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