About Transition Philadelphia

We’re a group of residents trying to find community based (vs government or corporate driven) solutions to our most pressing problems – to build community resilience in response to climate change & peak oil for economic stability. In the world we envision:

  • We make, buy & sell food (and other things we need) that’s produced locally – food that’s organic, non-GMO & humanely raised.
  • We stop buying stuff we don’t need & cut up credit cards – living debt-free.
  • We wean ourselves off fossil fuel and the war machine, thus cutting off the arterial pipeline of profits to the global hyper-capitalist engine – more public transit, bicycles & walking, less cars & planes.
  • We re-design our neighborhoods with more gardens, to be walkable & bikeable – increasing beauty, improving our health & building civic interaction.

Join us – It’s time to #OCCUPY THE FUTURE

Download this as a printable PDF, crafted Oct 2011 as a Letter to the 99%.


2 Responses to About Transition Philadelphia

  1. Ed Aguilar says:

    Great efforts. I have known Poune Saberi for a long time, she’s an excellent doctor and Public Health Advocate. I like the other folks on this team as well!

    Progressives must rally around those who mean what they say, and who have specific programs they will accomplish. it’s too late for vague generalities. I like what you’re doing!

    Ed Aguilar

    • mtairygal says:

      Thanks for the encouragement. Remember you were an attorney. Do you know about Call to the Bar (calltothebar.org), organized by Phila atty to organize lawyers across the nation to demand action on climate change?

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