Begun in the Fall of 2010 by Lisa Evans & Angela Latini, Transition Philadelphia pulled in Erik, Jerry, Bob, Jacques, and many more to organize Awareness Raising Events on the 3rd Mondays of each month, listed here: Nov 2010-Sep 2011

In October 2011, sensing the energy around the Occupy movement, notably Occupy Philly, Meenal Raval, Bill Mettler, Michaelann Velicky and others shifted their energies from Cheltenham’s Food Action Group to Transition Philadelphia. Prior to this, the team had organized several Awareness Raising Events around Transition Towns, and several events on the Food & Transport sectors, all documented here: Mar 2009 – Jul 2011. They had also created a local guide dubbed the Green Pages, found here: Green Pages

Since merging into Transition Philadelphia, the team has rallied folks around the Move Your Money project in conjunction with the messaging from the Occupiers, organized future visioning through our Story-Sharing events, attempted to connect the Occupy movement with the Transition movement through our Films @ Occupy events, participated in 5 work parties with Occupy Vacant Lots, and met thrice as a Steering Group. Most recently, we participated at Philadelphia Yearly Meeting’s Friendly Households Forum.

In early January, with the discovery that the website created by the earlier group was lost, where a lot of these stories were documented, a new website was crafted.  About this time, our own awareness was raised to the fact that Philly is a large city, and the neighborhood-level Transition effort we had read about in the Transition Handbook couldn’t be pulled off; that Transition Philly would be better as a hub and a catalyst to unify existing efforts.  We therefore created (and currently maintain), a calendar of events in the greater Philadelphia region that relate to Transition, and are designing a local guide for the entire region; both found on our website. Chronological details found here: Oct 2011 – Jan 2012


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