About Transition Towns

Transition Town movement began in Kinsale, Ireland as a class exercise and within a few years has spread virally across the globe. The underlying philosophy is based on Permaculture principles, making the Transition Approach distinct from other environmental approaches.

Conventional Environmentalism The Transition Approach
Individual behavior Group behavior
Single issue Holistic
Tools: lobbying, campaigning & protesting Tools: public participation, eco-psychology, arts, culture & creative education
Sustainable development Resilience & relocalization
Fear, guilt & shock as drivers for action Hope, optimism and proactivity as drivers for action
Changing national and international policy by lobbying Changing national and international policy by making them electable
The man in the street as the problem The man in the street as the solution
Blanket campaigning Targeted interventions
Single level engagement Engagement on a variety of levels
Prescriptive – advocates answers & responses Acts as a catalyst – no fixed answers
Carbon footprinting Carbon footprinting plus resilience indicators
Belief that economic growth is still possible, albeit greener growth Designing for economic renaissance, albeit a local one

A Cheerful Disclaimer
If it appears that we think the Transition process is defined by people who have all the answers, please understand that none of us involved knows for sure if this will work. Transition is a social experiment on a massive scale.

What we are convinced of is this:

  • If we wait for the governments, it’ll be too little, too late
  • If we act as individuals, it’ll be too little
  • But if we act as communities, it might just be enough, just in time.

Transition Links
Transition Network | transitionnetwork.org & www.transitiontowns.org
Transition US | transitionus.org
Transition Culture | transitionculture.org
Transition Voice | transitionvoice.com

Transition Initiatives nearby
Transition Media | transitionmedia.memberlodge.com/
Transition Cheltenham | transitioncheltenham.org


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