Springing Good Intentions Into Action – the Skillshare Weekend of this Spring

Headed to Weavers Way Food Co-op for some lunch material today, and
who do I run into but the masterminds behind The Home Grown Institute‘s conference Springing Good Intentions Into Action: Sarah Gabriel, Managing Director of The Home Grown Institute; Sally McCabe, Project Manager at the Garden Tenders & Green CIty Teachers, both programs of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society & Nic Esposito of Philly Rooted & author of Seeds of Discent, a book I’m currently savoring and available at Big Blue Marble Bookstore, the Northwest’s independent bookseller.

Turns out they were checking out the reclaimed lumber at Philadelphia Salvage
for hands-on workshops at the conference, to build raised beds & cold frames.

I got charged just listening in on their discussions. Highly recommend you consider this conference. It seems to be the skillshare weekend of this spring, March 23 – 25.

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Hello 2012!

In the process of renewing domain names, we seem to have lost the transitionphiladelphia.org website and are in the process of rebuilding it here at transitionphilly.wordpress.com. Please send ideas and suggestions for our new website to me (meenal.raval at gmail.com).  Please also write me if you’d like to collaborate on developing this site.

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