Woodland-Hilltop Resilient Village: Home Grown Inst. + Box Garden Invite

March 26, 2012    Transition Streets Journal

This is Millie and she’s standing inside her “chicken tractor”.
This past Saturday and Sunday, Michael Cellucci and I went to the Home Grown Institute–we had a great time.
Michael learned about aquaponics, bees and community gardens.
I learned about sustainability as a spirituality practice, chicken coop design and how to build a “chicken tractor” (a mobile coop to move chickens around from patch to patch).
Josh Howard has expressed an interest in building a small raised bed kitchen garden to benefit his kids and us neighbors..
This week we will be:
Collecting the layers of soil building materials to go in the raised bed:
Going to a local horse farm for manure.
Going to the local leaf mulch pile
Gathering grass clippings
Transporting some compost
Gathering free cardboard (for the anti-weed layer)
Getting some salt hay
Building a small box (approx. 3’x6′) for the raised bed kitchen or children’s garden.
Filling the bed with a rich soil mixture.
If you have interest in any of these activities or in building your own raised bed kitchen/children’s garden (no digging required)
LET US KNOW  by replying to this email or give me a call at:
Bill’s tel: 215 885 8936
Your Friend and Neighbor,



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